Arizona Property Taxes Due October 1st.

Arizona Personal Property and Real Estate taxes are due on October 1st. They were assessed and posted on the respective county websites on September 1st. You may not have received your mailed billing from the County Treasurer. You can view your taxes on line by typing “treasurer (your county name)” in the address bar of your browser. In Maricopa County, AZ, the Maricopa County Assessor makes finding your taxes easy, even if you don’t know your parcel number.

Go to: This is a wonderful site for finding out about your Maricopa County Property. Just type in the address of your property. You don’t need to include Street Identifier, City, State or Zip Code. All needed is the Number, Street Name (direction not necessary), and lot number. This will take you to a page that gives your parcel number ID, name of owner, street address, and VIN(s). If your property is a manufactured home, not attached to the land, your parcel number be minus a “9” in front of that number.

Click on the Parcel Number and you will be taken to a “Tax Description” of the home. This will identify the Make, Year Size of the home. Click on “View Taxes” and you will be given the complete parcel number (Preceded by a 9) and the 2018 tax amount. You can also view past year tax history records using that button. You can also print a pay stub for making tax payments by postal mail or at a Chase bank.

My preferred method of payment is electronically using an “echeck”. You will need your routing number and your account number. There is no charge for this service. You can pay by credit card, but there is a charge of around 3% for doing so.

You may find that the taxes are still in the name of a previous owner. If you have you or your lender have processed the new titles, that means that the county has not yet updated their records. In this case, the tax bill will have been mailed the the previous owner. You will not receive it in the mail. Taxes should have been prorated at the time of the sale giving the new owner a credit for the seller’s portion as of the possession date. If so, the entire bill is the responsibility of the new owner.

Taxes are Due on October 1st and Delinquent on November 1st. After November 1st, interest will be assessed on the amount. You may, however pay in two installments (1st and 2nd half). If you choose this option, you will not receive a notice when the next half is due in March of the following year.

Hope this helped, but, I know it may not be absolutely clear. You can call your county treasurer for clarification. Following is the Maricopa County Contact Information:

301 W Jefferson Street
Phoenix, AZ 85003

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